Monday, June 15, 2015

Welcome to the Session!

If you'd like to follow along with today's links and resources, please go to:

#engagEDnwi Conference

Download and share a copy of today's handout by clicking here.

#1  GarageBand or Audacity 
  • Record podcasts about what was learned during the unit:  example
  • Create educational songs:  example
  • Make your own books on tape for listening stations
  • Create voice-over tracks for videos:  example
  • Record instructional tracks for lesson reteaches or giving instructions
#2  NearPod  
  • Present lessons on each student's laptop at the same time
  • Give surveys
  • Assessments such as short answer, multiple choice, or drawing a picture
#3  Virtual Field Trips with 360Cities or Google Maps
  • 360Cities will take you inside buildings, into the rainforest, or underwater.
  • Google Maps will take you to most streets in the United States.  Just grab the little yellow man in the corner of the screen and drop him where you wish. 

#4  Kahoot
  • Real-time data about students' understanding while playing a quiz-show game
  • Download the results to an Excel spreadsheet
#5  Wix or Google Sites
  • Create online webquests for your students:  example
  • Make a website for your PBL or project:  example
  • Keep your students informed about events going on at school:  example
  • Have students create their own blog on Google Sites:  example
#6  Today's Meet

  • Exit tickets
  • Brainstorming
  • Short response (limit of 140 characters)
#7  Voki
  • Projects and assessments
  • Writing publishing
  • Accommodations for students with special needs
  • Write stories that can be published for free online or printed into a book.
  • Collaborate with students
  • Give assignments with due dates
#9  Padlet
  • Create videos with animations